PC & Sterling Industries along with CAPPEM to Send PPE to Island of St Vincent

MPC & Sterling Industries along with CAPPEM to Send PPE to Island of St Vincent

May 13, 2021 | MPC, along with its Sheild-U manufacturing partner Sterling Industries, are doing their part to help those in need abroad. As a member of the Canadian Association of PPE Manufacturers (CAPPEM) we welcomed the opportunity to donate over 10,000 Shield-U face shields to help the humanitarian crisis caused by volcanic eruptions on the Caribbean island of St Vincent, alongside the total CAPPEM member donation of PPE products.

“Our hearts are broken for the people of St Vincent,” said David Yeaman, President and Owner of MPC. “The crisis on the island of St Vincent could last for several months, or even a year. We know that their resources and their front-line workers are already stretched to the limit right now. We hope our face shields can help in any way possible.”

Recently, in an effort to ensure that Canada’s hardworking front-line workers have consistent access to reliable PPE, Molded Precision Components (MPC) has partnered with the Canadian Association of PPE Manufacturers (CAPPEM).

“Canadian-manufactured PPE has to adhere to very high standards of quality control. And Canadian workers deserve Canadian-made goods,” said CAPPEM President, Barry Hunt.
“We are thrilled to partner with MPC, a proudly Canadian company that manufactures PPE to the highest standards.”

MPC, a leading automotive parts manufacturer in Canada, quickly added operations to add a new focus on PPE production during the covid pandemic and started to manufacture the Shield-U face shield. As a result, they were able to create over 75 valuable new jobs in the Barrie/Oro Medonte community.

Over the last 14 months, MPC has manufactured an estimated 35 Million face shields for various provincial and national contracts to help keep Canadians safe.

About MPC
Molded Precision Components (MPC) is a 135-person firm located north of Toronto, Ontario, that provides manufacturing excellence in the automotive space, making engineered automotive components such housings, bearings, cable-end fittings and tight tolerance plastic gears. They have accelerated medical component and device manufacturing to their capabilities already making much-needed PPE for frontline workers as well as other innovative medical.

Necessity has been the mother of innovation, as their nimble team has learned to use materials that are compliant with ISO 10993, an international standard for medical devices that ensures the product can come into contact with the human body without adverse reaction. They expect full ISO13485 recognition in early 2021, while also commissioning a brand new 45,000 sq/ft facility to extend their capacity.

CAPPEM was created to ensure that Canada would never again be vulnerable to shortages of PPE during a time of pandemic or otherwise.

In one year, CAPPEM members have established a robust and secure domestic supply chain that can supply the needs of Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments as well as health and other essential services in private and not-for-profit sectors.

About Sterling Industries
Sterling Industries is a North American-based contract manufacturer and assembler of medical devices and sub-components, with facilities in Kalamazoo, Michigan and Toronto, Ontario.

They help their clients deliver successful products by providing scaled production, design-for-manufacturing expertise, supplier consolidation and other critical value chain services.

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