Process & Design: Build Any Device

At Sterling, we know that manufacturing is more than machining and technical capabilities; our reputation has been built on our process management and design thinking as much as on our deep technical expertise.


Our Approach for Any Device

We specialize in Medical Devices but not subcomponents or subdisciplines. Our real specialty is designing manufacturing solutions to fit seamlessly into the strict regulatory framework that governs medical devices.
We believe there are three key building blocks for any manufacturing project: people, processes and technologies. Configure the blocks strategically and there’s nothing we can’t build together.


By bringing the right people to each project, each client gets access to the expertise that ensures success; from planning to designing, prototyping, production, and packaging, our team covers all aspects of scaled production.


Repeatable quality — on time and on budget — is never an accident. We focus on scalability, repeatability, and regulatory compliance… with a continuous improvement (CI) mindset, always seeking greater cost and process efficiency.


Our arsenal of assembly & manufacturing technologies enable us to produce a wide range of devices and components; Clean Rooms, advanced testing and packaging capabilities help us deliver end-to-end solutions.

Always Improving

Moreover, we don’t stop once the first iteration comes off the product line; we practice Continuous Improvement (CI), documenting and tracking our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and continue to optimize our manufacturing, assembly and packaging process.

R&D + Prototyping

Lastly, for customers who are still refining their product designs, we love being involved early in the process; we can provide research, development and iterative prototyping services to accelerate the process of getting new products to market. 
R&D + Prototyping

Supply Chain Optimization

Design Transfer + DFM

R&D + Prototyping

R&D + Prototyping

Process Optimization