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medical device prototyping

Our capabilities include:

We like working with our clients early in the product development process to ensure the best outcome. Our Engineered Solutions team spans deep supply chain relationships, Design for Manufacturing expertise and a broad knowledge of manufacturing and machining techniques — skills that can streamline the R&D process, getting our clients’ innovative Medical Devices to market, faster. As a contract manufacturer with over 40 years of success with medical device production, we help our clients design for repeatable quality, compliance and profitability… in other words, success.


Sterling offers full prototyping and pilot production solutions, from initial 3D printed parts to finalizing component machining. We understand the development and approval process for medical devices, and can help streamline the path towards scalable, repeatable and compliant product design.

medical device prototyping in medical device contract manufacturing facility

It is always beneficial to collaborate early in your design process with the same engineering team that will help you scale your manufacturing.

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